On the Uniform pages for Officers and Other Ranks, accessible via the Navigator Buttons at left, you will find details of the items required to put together a basic impression of a Luftwaffe serviceman.

Officers: It was generally the case that Officers material was Tricot, a fine quality woven fabric with a ladder pattern. This could be of at least two ‘weights’, a summer weight and a winter weight, the difference being in the thickness and hence coolness.

Other Ranks: (ORs) material was without an obvious weave, very similar in fact to the wartime RAF NCO material. A standard thickness or weight was issued. Walking Out Dress could see a woven material similar to the Officers. OR’s had silver-grey thread embroidery and blue grey or grey painted pebbled finish buttons. NCO rank was a combination of silver ‘tresse’ for collar and shoulder strap edging and aluminium cast metal winglets on the collar patches. Aluminium ‘pips’ also featured on the blue grey shoulder straps. Peaked caps saw aluminium cast cockade, oakleaves and wings and a cast Luftwaffe eagle. Fliegermütze (forage caps) had silver-grey thread eagles and thread embroidered cockades. Painted grey buttons on the M43 cap.

Furthermore, officers uniforms had an embroidered Luftwaffe eagle over the wearers right breast pocket. Headgear saw further use of the aluminium coiled wire in the embroidered cockades, oakleaves, wings, chin cords and a smaller Luftwaffe eagle together with aluminium effect piping. Collars were edged in twisted aluminium cording and the four patch pocket tunics had aluminium pebbled buttons.

Luftwaffe colours were :-

White- Luftwaffe Generals & later by Herman Göring panzer division.

Black- Construction troops.

Carmine- Luftwaffe General Staff.

Gold Yellow- flight personnel, ground crew and Paratroops.

Bright red- Luftwaffe Flak artillery.

Gold Brown- Signals.

 Dark Blue- Medical personnel.

Rose Pink- Luftwaffe Corps of Engineers.

Light Green- Aerodrome supervisory units.

Dark Green- Luftwaffe Administration Officials.                     

Luft NCO material

Embroidery with aluminium coiled wire was used on the tunics and caps. Officer rank was denoted by a combination of embroidered winglets and oakleaves with acorns on the collar patches and ‘Russian braid’ abutted (lower ranking officers) or interwoven (higher ranking officers) on the shoulder boards together with the use of gold colour or aluminium ‘pips’. See Links page for Rank insignia site.

Arms of service within the Wehrmacht were denoted by the use of colours (Waffenfarbe), this was indicated by piping on the Schirmütze (peaked cap) and around the edges of shulterklappen (shoulder straps) for other ranks, whereas officers shulterklappen were backed in the relevant colour. Kragenspiegel (collar patches) were in the relevant colour for all ranks. Our group generally requires Gold Yellow as it portrays an airfield dispersal scene.


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